Valerie Benveniste, Ph.D.
            ... has the distinctive qualifications of being a licensed clinical psychologist in both hospital and private
            settings, a Regional Center consulting psychologist, and a credentialed school psychologist.  Her extensive
            knowledge of public systems and agencies as well as available therapies allows for expert clinical diagnoses
            as well as provision of individually prescribed therapy recommendations.  Dr. Val also offers clinical
            interpretations of private and agency reports to be sure that your child is receiving appropriate services to
            best foster his or her development as well as for advocacy purposes.
    Specializing in:
            Early child development
            Early developmental indications that suggest your child may be at risk for autism spectrum disorder
            How to talk with young children regarding parental separation or divorce
            Brief interventions to cope with loss, grief, family illness  
            Determining the best type of school program to meet your child’s needs
            Recommendations for special education programming and services
    18 Years of Experience in hospital, school, and clinic settings
            Children’s Hospital Los Angeles Behavioral Pediatrics Clinic
            Children’s Hospital Los Angeles Developmental Disabilities Clinic
            Fellow, Reiss Davis Child Study Center
            National Science Foundation Research Fellow: Social development of children
            University of Southern California Research Assistant Professor
            Consulting Psychologist, Disability Rights Legal Center
        May 1991        Doctor of Philosophy, University of Southern California.    
        May 1981        Master of Science in Counseling and Guidance, California Lutheran University.    
        May 1976        Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies (Teaching) and English, Loyola Marymount University.
        1993-1995        National Science Foundation Research Fellow, specialization in social development
                                 and multi-racial relations among students in school.
        1988-1991        William M. Keck All University Fellow, University of Southern California.
        1988                 Gladys Byram Scholar, USC Graduate School of Education.
        1985                 Teacher of the Year, Hawthorne School, Beverly Hills Unified School District.
        1976                 Graduate Study Grant in Education, Loyola Marymount University.
                                 Sullivan Short Fiction Award, First Place Scholarship, Loyola Marymount University.
    State of California Licenses and Credentials
                                Licensed Clinical Psychologist, PSY15215
                                Pupil Personnel Services Credential, School Psychologist and School Counselor authorizations
                                Ryan Teaching Credentials Grades K-12:  Multiple Subject; Single Subjects, English and P. E.
    Clinical Experience
        1997 – 2007        Clinician in private practice. Consulting psychologist Westside Regional Center.
        2002 – 2003        Clinician in private practice.  Consulting psychologist Westside Regional Center, CHLA,
                                    Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health AB3632 Assessment Unit.
        1997 – 1999        Children's Hospital Los Angeles/ Pediatric Family Medical Center, Supervising Psychologist
                                     Developmental Clinic.
        1994 – 1996        Reiss-Davis Child Study Center, Clinical Fellow in diagnosis and psychodynamic therapy
                                    with children, adolescents, adults and families.
        1989 – 1991        Consulting Developmental Psychologist in conjunction with Children's Hospital of Los
                                    Angeles and Children's Institute International, Los Angeles, with responsibilities
                                    including cognitive  and psycho-social assessments of infants and young children in
                                    DCFS care.
        1988 – 1989        Intern, Behavioral Pediatrics Clinic, Developmental Disabilities Clinic, School Psychology,
                                    Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, with responsibilities including cognitive and
                                    social-emotional assessment of children ages 18 months through adolescence.
        Summer ’88        Intern, John Tracy Clinic for Deaf and Hearing Impaired Children, International Preschool.
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